Knowing How to Play French Roulette

Knowing how french roulette is played is one of the important things a novice player should know before one tries the game. Increasing the odds of winning in French roulette roots in how deep the knowledge of a player about the mechanics of this roulette version. Every casino player should bear in mind that the different types of roulette have different ways of playing them. Hence, it is necessary that players know the various rules in playing roulette.

It is possible that players suffer terrible losses if they do not know the exact mechanics that apply in every roulette variation. Roulette experts do not want new players to experience consecutive losses because it will threaten the excitement that they feel every time they play the game. Thus, to avoid such misfortune, every one is advised to explore the French roulette rules.

Most casinos that offer French roulette only allow a maximum of eight people who will play in a single round. Every player who is qualified to play in the round should purchase a colored chip from the croupier or the dealer. The color of chips distributed to French roulette players have different colors to avoid confusion regarding the bets they place.

After getting chips, with the instruction from the croupier, players can now place their bets in the boxes in the roulette table that correspond to every pocket in the roulette wheel. Players are allowed to continue betting even if the croupier has already started spinning the wheel. Betting will end after the croupier instructs the players that there are no more bets allowed.

To determine the winners of the round, the croupier will wait until the roulette ball rests in one of the pockets of the wheel. Players who have placed bets on the pocket where the roulette ball has stopped will be given cash chips that have the amount of money they have won. Afterwards, players can exchange the chips with real cash money to the cash desk of the casino.

The rules discussed in this section are very elementary because new players may get confuse if the advanced terms and rules are also explored. To avoid information overload, French roulette players are also encouraged to study how the En Prison rule and the La Partage rule applies in the game because these are the rules that only apply in French roulette. As a whole, every player should be reminded that they should know every detail of French roulette before they try to play it.