French Roulette Versus American Roulette

The development of the different roulette variations caused most players to assess which type of roulette they can have better chances of increasing their stakes. Each of the three variations of roulette, french roulette, American roulette and European roulette, have advantages over the other versions. It is up to the players to wisely assert the benefits that they can get from playing a particular roulette variation.

For the sake of players who wants to assess which of French roulette and American roulette is better to play, this section will help them compare the two roulette variations. French roulette can easily be identified from American roulette by just examining the wheels that are used in each version. The French roulette wheel has 37 colored pockets bearing the numbers 0 to 36, while the American roulette wheel has 38 pockets. A pocket with the double zero-digit was added to the wheel of American roulette.

According to studies, the inclusion of the double zero-digit in the pockets of the American roulette makes the game more risky to play because its house edge was increased to 5.3 per cent. So, players will have better odds of winning if they play French roulette since the game has 2.7 per cent house edge.

In addition to the fact that French roulette players have better chances of winning, the two roulette variations also have different systems used in the distribution of chips. In the case of American roulette, players are given different color of chips so that the dealer can easily identify the bets that were placed in the roulette table. On the other hand, French roulette players received same colored chips which adds excitement to the game because players will be forced to use their mental skills in remembering where they place their own bets.

Due to the above mentioned characteristics of French roulette and American roulette, casino players are encouraged to choose playing French roulette over American roulette because they will have greater chance of improving their bankroll when they play French roulette. This game also allows players to decrease its house edge to 1.35 percent because it applies the En Prison rule and the La Partage rule. These rules are exclusive to French roulette players.

For new roulette players it will be helpful if they first try playing French roulette before exploring other variations. In this regard, they will be assured that they will have fun while having a better chance to enhance their winnings.